Selected Linguistics Topics 2

Selected Linguistics Topics 2

Lectures: 15

Seminars: 30

Tutorials: 0

ECTS točke: 3

Lecturer: izr. prof. dr. Pihler Ciglič Barbara


Definition of theoretical concepts in Pragmatics and Text linguistics (in general terms and in Spanish linguistics).

- Predecessors of pragmalinguistics and connections of pragmatics with other disciplines
- Context and meaning. Implications and implicatures
- Theory of Speech Acts (Austin, Searle) and Relevance Theory (Sperber, Wilson).
- Pragmatic aspects in Spanish Language
- Use of deictic expressions
- Pragmatic Use of Spanish verb forms and moods

- Predecessors of Text linguistics and connections of Text linguistics with other disciplines. Definition of basic concepts (text, textuality, cohesion, coherence…)
- Text grammar in Spanish: the role of the word order of the text, ellipsis, recurrence, substitutions, discursive markers
- The role of verbal paradigms in text linkage