Practical Ethics

Practical Ethics

Study Cycle: 2




ECTS credit:4

Lecturer(s): asist. dr. Kravanja Aljoša, prof. dr. Kobe Zdravko, v.zn.sod.dr. Hajdini Simon


- Practical ethics as problem solving ethics
- Methodological problems of practical ethics (schools of ethical thought, different approaches to problem solving, thought experiments etc.).
- Expertise and ethical competence.
- Human rights, publicity and practical ethics.
- Cultural aspects of practical ethics.
- Questions of life and death (abortion, euthanasia, suicide, »the doctrine of double effect«).
- Genetic engineering, eugenics, human enhancement and cloning.
- Ethical problems of public health.
- Ethical status of animals and speciesism.
- The stakeholder and the shareholder model of business ethics.
- Artificial intelligence, robotics and ethics.
- Biocentric and anthropocentric environmental ethics.
- Justice of environmental and medical politics and institutions (intergenerational justice).
- Internet ethics.