Ancient Philosophy 1

Ancient Philosophy 1




ECTS credit:4

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Ciglenečki Jan, prof. dr. Zore Franc


Ancient Greek philosophy from Thales to Aristotle.
1. Philosophy: name, definitions, beginnins. What is Greek philosophy: truth and values.
2. Society and culture in Greece from 7th to 5th century. Myth and thinking: cosmogony, theogony, and anthropogony: Homer, Hesiod, Orphism.
3. Presocratics: poetic thinking. Physis, logos, aletheia, ethos, generation and corruption.
4. Milesian school: Thales and Anaksimander. Pythagoras and Pythagoreans.
5. Heraclitus and the principle of logos; Parmenides and Eleatic school: language, Being, truth.
6. Development of Presocratic philosophy: theory of elements. Theory of generation, cosmology. Empedokles. Anaxagoras' theory of mind, Leucippus-Democritus theory of atoms.
7. Athenian culture from Solon to Socrates. Sophists: Protagoras, Gorgias; human being adn world, nature and convention; rhetoric and politics. Greek science: historiography, mathematics, medicine etc.
8. Socrates: the research of essence; dialogue, dialectics and definitions; virtue is knowledge. Socratic schools.
9. Plato and Academy: Plato's theory of forms - dialectics as highest science; philosophy as paideia: ethics; philosophy of nature; mythos and literature.
10. Aristotle and peripatetic philosophy: constitution of philosophy as science (episteme): syllogistic and dialectics, physics and metaphysics, cosmology, psychology, ethics, rhetoric, poetics.