Psychological approaches to lifespan career development

Psychological approaches to lifespan career development

Lectures: 15

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 15

ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Babnik Katarina, doc. dr. Pirc Tina, prof. dr. Pečjak Sonja

The course includes general and specific contents, which enable knowing/knowledge, understanding and basic assessment of an individual’s career development from kindergarten through primary, secondary and tertiary education, active working period along with retirement:
i) concept of career development and
whole-life approach to career development;
ii) career decision making and adaptability;
iii) theories of career development: static - structural; dynamic - developmental, ecological;
iv) types of career orientation (educational, professional, personal);
v) career orientation activities (professional/vocational education, informing, assessment of individual’s characteristics, counselling, monitoring) in different educational periods (kindergarten, primary/secondary/tertiary education);
vi) transition to and movement through the labour market: labour market, occupation, work/labour, job/workplace; person - job fit; career paths; online professions; over-qualifications; under-qualifications (abilities/aptitudes, education);
vii) coordination of career and other life domains and other individual aspects of career goals;
viii) vulnerable groups in the labour market;
ix) career guidance/counselling in the active working period (individual, organizational and systemic aspects) and good career development and counselling practices in the European region;
x) career-counselling - preparation for retirement and work during retirement.