Structure and Development of Historical Science

Structure and Development of Historical Science

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ECTS credit: 5

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Štuhec Marko

Historical awareness, its social role and factors that form it; the difference between common sense perception of the past and a reflected awareness of the past; the subject of history science; history science as a humanistic and social science; the relation of history science and other social sciences and humanities; the historiographical paradigm and its components; interactions among historical sources, paradigm and the historian; the role of a historian in defining knowledge of the past; the problem of objectivity in historiography; the problems of legalities and models in historical development; historical sources and their typology; historical sources sites: field, institutions, publications of sources; textual and historical critique of sources; auxiliary sciences of history; the problems of periodization of the past; the subject and basic methods of different historiographical areas; general and national history; micro history; ancient historiography; medieval historiography; the emergence and development of textual and historic critique; erudition; historiography in Enlightenment; the concept of historicism; the joining of erudition and synthetic reflection of the past; historiography in 19th century; the breaking of the traditional paradigm around 1900; Marxism and historiography; the Annales School; history as a historical social science; the expansion of historical anthropology; linguistic twist and its influence to modern historiography; historiography in Slovenia.