Panslavizem Ľudovíta Štúrja ali zakaj je nárečja vendarle narečje

Lingvistični krožek Filozofske fakultete v Ljubljani vabi na 1245. sestanek, ki bo v ponedeljek, 22. aprila 2024, ob 18. uri v predavalnici 325 v 3. nadstropju Filozofske fakultete. Na temo Panslavizem Ľudovíta Štúrja ali zakaj je nárečja vendarle narečje / Ľudovít Štúr’s Panslavism, or why a nárečja is really a dialect after all bo predaval prof. dr. Alexander Maxwell (Victoria University of Wellington, Nova Zelandija).

Povzetek v angleščini: 

Ľudovít Štúr, Protestant intellectual and Slovak national hero, enjoys such a reputation in Slovakia as the codifier of the Slovak Language that the Institute of linguistics of the Slovak Academy of sciences bears his name. Štúr himself, however, did not believe in a Slovak language. He was influenced by Panslavic linguistic taxonomies then hegemonic in Slavic northern Hungary: several of his contemporaries and predecessors imagined a single Slavic language, of which Russian, Czech, Polish and so forth were merely dialects. The particular terms he used to express the concept of dialect [nárečja, reč] derive from an influential classification system developed by Pavel Jozef Šafařík. After discussing Štúr’s linguistic ideas in the context of Hungaro-Slavic linguistics, the talk considers how existing historiography ought to be revised, documenting a persistent and irresponsibly justified tendency to substitute words in primary source quotations, apparently from the desire to correct terminology seen as archaic and unfamiliar. Štúr’s terminology, however, was modern and current: it is rather his national concept that scholars find unfamiliar. Given this tendency, scholars should not trust the secondary literature, but should rely heavily on the primary sources.

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